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Space Supernova

HP Loveshaft is a time-traveling mad-scientist who came eye-to-eye with the Cosmic Anus & comes bearing Bad News: no-one is coming to save us. We must save ourselves & perhaps then we may save each other.


Stay tuned for the premiere of Radio * Loveshaft on 88.4 Freies Radio Berlin

Spitzer Telescope Image

Sodomite Cult

The great sin of Sodom was inhospitality — which sodomites have not forgotten. Hail the scapegoats, the outsiders, the others! We worship the dark, feminine void, the universal cunt: the anus. Cyborgs of the Left Hand Path. We put our faith in Mad Science & Black Magic! 




HP Loveshaft incarnated in the former Soviet Union & came of age in Hollyweird USA. His studies of sex, sushi, swing dancing, sociology, sadomasochism & astrophysics made him insufferable at parties, so he turned to drag, where he could monologue to a captive audience at leisure. When the Jewish transsexual disapora brought him to Berlin, he was inspired to minister to his own spiritual needs in a characteristically indecent manner.

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